At Bonavista Church, we want to be known as a people who give. We believe that we are changed through our giving, and that with each act of generosity, we are being transformed into Christ-like people.



We now have a very secure way of giving via PushPay

Create your account now (it takes only a minute) and take control of your giving at PushPay


Text Give Bonavista to 77977 and set up your donation from your phone.

Donations can be designated.

Donations can be set up as one-time or recurring.


  1. Emergency Fire Response

    Donations to this fund will cover costs resulting from the August 12 fire that are not covered by insurance.
  2. Pastoral Benevolence

    Donations are used to help those in need, outside of our Food Pantry assistance.
  3. Generous / Food Pantry

    Donations to Generous / Food Pantry will be used for our monthly Food Pantry as well as Christmas Food Boxes in December
  4. General Fund

    These funds cover the ongoing operations of Bonavista Church.



Monthly pre authorized debits that are withdrawn from your bank account on either the 5th or the 20th of each month (or both). Forms can be downloaded using the button below.


Offering envelopes found on the back of chairs in the sanctuary. If you are giving cash, please note your name on the outside of the envelope so that we attribute it to the right donor. The first time you give, please include your address, too.


We are grateful for those in our congregation who financially support the vision and ministry of Bonavista Church. For information on current board approved programs and projects, contact the Treasurer.

**Regarding the charity receipts, our normal practice has been to issue a joint receipt to spouses, because of Canadian tax rules that allow either spouse to claim all or part of a charitable donation made by either. However, if you would prefer separate receipts, please inform the treasurer before January 1 of each year, so that we can give you separate donor numbers, or as soon as possible if your marital status changes during the year.

**The church accepts gifts only for operations, programs, and projects approved by the board of elders. Designated giving is directed to the program or project specified by the donor to the extent possible, however where a program or project is over or under-subscribed, the gift may be directed to other, similar projects. Gifts designated for non-approved programs or projects will be returned to the giver.