Our Services


Saturdays at 6 PM (during our fire rebuild). We’d love to get to know you before the service starts. Coffee is on early and someone at our foyer Welcome Centre would love to get to know you and help you feel at home.


We don’t profess to be the trendy or cutting-edge church, and we’re ok with that. What we are is community and family. No matter your background, you’ll find you belong.


We’re a mix bag of generations and backgrounds, so you’ll find you fit in. We’ve got suits and ties, and we’ve got the jeans & t-shirt crowd too. Combed hair, piercings, mohawks. We’ve seen it all. Come as you are.


Bonavista has always enjoyed a rich tradition of worship and praise. Incorporating the new songs of our generation, while appreciating the timeless hymns of our faith, you’ll find a healthy balance of old and new.

Most importantly, you’ll find passionate, engaging praise to Jesus.


God said his house was to be a house of prayer for everyone. At Bonavista we do our best to live that out.

During our service we spend a few minutes talking and listening to God with the people near us or on our own. Whichever way you feel comfortable is totally fine.

After every service there are a few people available to pray with anyone about anything.